Friday, November 8, 2013

Corny Rhythms

Third graders can compose rhythm patterns using quarter notes, half notes, whole notes, and eighth notes in 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 time!

Listen Carefully

I love listening glyphs! I made this one up to go along with Camille Saint Saens' 
Danse Macabre

N.C.Symphony Education Concert

This year as I prepared my students for the N.C. Symphony concert, I created a tree map on my wall of the program we would hear. It followed the theme of the concert "What Makes Music?" It features a musical element, song to demonstrate that element, and composer.

As always, the final lesson before the field trip is about Concert Etiquette. In the spirit of Halloween, we created Mon-STARs  that demonstrated how to act at the concert. Our class circle map and bulletin board came out soooo cute! And my students remembered what they learned and demonstrated fantastic concert etiquette at the concert!

My Disney Inspired Classroom!!

I love Disney World and can't wait to take my little ones there one day. When I was there on my honeymoon, everyday made me smile! I wanted to bring that smile to my student's faces when they entered my classroom. Here are just a couple ways I incorporated Disney in my room. More pictures coming soon!